What if…

I can´t get rid of one particuliar idea. What if we humans are just one tiny part of a huge system in a computer program.

What I mean by that, is that I dont think that we have a free will. We are controlled by someone, or something. We dont think, we were programed to do what we do. Every single step we take or movement we do is not our own choice but has somehow been fixed at one particuliar time.

Consequences of this would be mindblowing. Just imagine for a moment that it was not you, not your brain that brought you here reading this article. What if I tell you, that this is just a consequence of a consequence of another consequence. Now it is time to acknowlodge that we dont think.

But how then the system works, if it isnt us that rules it. It is as simple as it is. Material World is ruled by exact physical laws. And only by those. Our brain might be the most complex thing in the world because it has the capability to think, however it is only a substance that is invaded by tiny electronic impulses. Thoses impulses flow from one cell to another, those connecions are made by the time. There are made as result of an impression. An impression like an image that comes in your eyes an then in your brain. But what is an impression. It is just a bundle of physical phenomens. This goes on forever and ever till we get to the point that we can say that everythin is based on physical laws and nothing is ruled by humans capability of thinking.

This being said, I can now say that threre is nothing like radomness. First Thing to happen was Big Bang. And then?

Everything is a result of a huge chainreaction. Atoms collided, flew appart, collided again, linked up with another atom and so on and so on. This chain has brought us whrere we are now. And nothing in this chain has been random of free will.


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